Patient Testimonials

Review Posted to YellowPages – July 13, 2018

Smiles, Smiles, Smiles! The people here are always smiling which is very nice. I have not received any procedure because I do not need one, so I cannot comment on that, but I just wanted to comment on how pleasant this place is and you can feel the positivity throughout your visit. Truly makes coming to the doctor a great experience.


Review Posted to RateMDs – May 24, 2018

Most impressed. They squeezed me in because I was off during the Memorial Day week. It was the best time for my schedule and they went above and beyond to fit me in for my procedure. Great service!


Posted to YellowPages – January 17, 2018

I am very pleased with my results. I have been using nasal sprays for many years and just had a turbinate reduction. I am breathing much better. Here’s to no more Afrin!


Review posted on on 2/16/17

In and out in 35 minutes. These guys are quick! Must see if you do not want to waste your time. They are truly the experts in the sinus field. I am looking forward to my surgery.


Review Posted on Google+ on 2/8/17

I had a tooth pulled by my dentist and developed a sinus infection afterwards. Was referred here for the infection after medicine did not clear it. Dr. Anand explained my findings and showed me the infection on a CAT scan in the office. After making sure I understood everything, we did a procedure THE SAME DAY. He cleared out my infection and the dentist fixed my hole from the tooth that was pulled. They really accommodated me as I had an important meeting the next week. Thanks for helping me out. Great place and great staff.


Review posted on on 2/14/17

I am 3 weeks out from my procedure and I still feel great. There was some congestion for the first few days, but afterwards my nasal passages just opened up. It was like night and day. I can now sleep and breathe better, and I am so happy. Thanks!


Review posted on on 2/21/17

I do not usually leave reviews, but felt the need to in this case. I have Medicaid. I have been through a tough year and lost my private insurance. My regular ENT doctor stopped seeing me because he does not accept Medicaid. Dr. Anand’s office does and I started to see him recently. They have been so kind and accommodating that I cannot express enough thanks. During my first visit I did not have my referral and they saw me anyway. Most offices would have just turned me away. I drove from 1 hour away and they understood that and treated me with kindness. It’s nice to be treated like a person with a medical issue, rather than a person who has certain insurance. I recommend this office highly. They truly care about your issues and will look after you.


Review posted on on 2/22/17

I would like to review my office experience. I did experience a wait to get in the back, but after my total visit I understand why that occurred. This is not a simple doctor visit. I not only saw the doctor, but had my XRay performed and a long tube placed in my nose to diagnose polyps. Afterwards we booked my surgery. It was all done in 30 minutes! The staff is very professional and you can tell they are at the top of their profession.

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