Nasal Valve Reconstruction

NasalValveReconNasal Valve Reconstruction is a surgical procedure designed to correct nasal obstruction resulting from an incompetent nasal valve. The nasal valve is the point of greatest resistance to airflow throughout the entire airway. In most patients, it functions appropriately, however, in certain patients narrowing of this valve can cause significant resistance to inhaling through the nose. Patients often describe the sensation as tightness during inspiration.

Nasal valve reconstruction is a 30-45 minute procedure performed under general anesthesia.

The principle behind this surgery is straightforward: to restore proper airflow via the nasal passage by increasing the angle of the nasal valve. Everything is done through the nose, therefore, the patient does not have any visible incisions or bruising after surgery.

In select cases, a nasal stent is used to bolster the newly widened valve during healing. This is removed soon after surgery.

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