Recurrent Sinus Disease is defined as multiple sinus infections per year that require medical therapy. Chronic Sinus Disease is defined as a sinus infection that lasts for more than 8-12 weeks, despite medical therapy.

In both cases, in-office procedures are available to provide effective relief. With regards to sinus pathology, balloon catheter dilation (balloon sinuplasty) of the sinus drainage pathways has been established to be quite effective in obtaining relief from sinus symptoms such as facial pain/pressure, nasal congestion, headache, among a few.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, without any needles. Our local anesthesia protocol allows for maximum patient comfort, without the need for any needles or injection anesthesia. As a result, an effective result can be achieved with full patient comfort.

Please visit our in-office sinus dilation page to learn more.

Nasal Congestion

Chronic or recurrent nasal congestion can create significant impairment with nasal breathing, resulting in decreased quality of life and often times mild forms of sleep apnea. Most patients we see have tried multiple medications including antihistamines, nasal sprays, immunotherapy, and still have not achieved relief of their nasal congestion. The culprit is often times a large inferior turbinate – causing blockage of nasal airflow.

In-Office procedures are available to provide effective relief. Inferior turbinate reduction via submucosal tissue removal or radiofrequency ablation can effectively decrease the size of the inferior turbinate – promoting improved nasal airflow and breathing.

Please visit our inferior turbinate reduction page to learn more.

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