VertigoVertigo is the perception of motion where none actually exists.  This provides the patient with a sensation of the room spinning.  Often times patients mistake dizziness or a feeling of imbalance for vertigo.  A feeling of imbalance upon standing is different than vertigo, where the room actually feels as if it is spinning.  Often times the inner ear, or labyrinth, is the source of the problem and the most common diagnosis is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo(BPPV).  Other common diagnoses include vestibular neuritis and acoustic neuroma.  Treatment for vertigo can include symptomatic medication to control the episodes as the symptoms pass(Meclizine, Phenergan) as well as positional maneuvers performed by physical therapists.  A proper hearing exam is performed to rule out any involvement with the auditory system as the nerve that controls balance and hearing are situated close to one another.

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