Head & Neck Cancer Surgery in New Orleans, Metairie, and Chalmette – GNO Snoring & Sinus

Surgery for head and neck cancer is a very effective treatment for the right patient. Given the varied anatomy of the head and neck region, cancer surgery can range from simple skin cancer excisions to complex resections that require advanced reconstruction. As a result, the full scope of cancer surgery is best discussed based on the specifics of your illness.

In general, the workup for head and neck tumors consists of diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow-up. In order to achieve an accurate diagnosis, tissue is required via an in-office or surgical biopsy of the affected site. Following this, proper staging is carried out utilizing guidelines developed by the American Joint Committee on Cancer.

In straightforward cases, treatment is then carried out; however, in more complex cases, a multidisciplinary treatment plan is developed in consultation with other cancer physicians. Treatment options tend to focus around surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Various combinations of each treatment can be utilized, and the specifics depend on the specific cancer treated.

Following successful treatment, follow-up is essential to ensure a recurrence does not develop. This is done using a combination of imaging studies, lab work and clinical exams.

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