Recurrent Nosebleeds

epistaxisRecurrent nosebleeds, referred to as epistaxis, can result from a number of factors. Most commonly local trauma (i.e. nose picking) can scratch the nasal mucosa, causing a nose bleed. Patients using nasal sprays may occasionally scratch their nasal muosa with the spray nozzle, causing bleeding as well. These occurrences are simply addressed with holding pressure and rarely require ENT examination.

In cases of recurrent nose bleeds that progress for prolonged periods of time, further examination is warranted. In some cases they are a result of patients taking blood thinners for heart disease (Plavix®, aspirin, Coumadin®). Their drug levels may be too high, resulting in recurrent nose bleeds. In other cases, a deviated septum or nasal trauma can expose an underlying blood vessel that continuously bleeds. This is easily treated with in-office cauterization once accurately diagnosed.

In rare cases, nasal tumors can be the source of recurrent nose bleeds. Suspicion is increased if the bleeding is always one-sided, is difficult to control and is affiliated with pain. ENT office examination can discover this possibility and is important for any patient with such symptoms.

If you feel you have symptoms similar to those discussed above, feel free to contact us for further assessment and treatment.

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