Nasal Trauma

NasalTraumaDuring facial injury, the nose is the most common structure fractured, given its projection from the face. Common symptoms after nasal trauma include a nosebleed and pain.

Many patients, especially men, have a long history of nasal obstruction on one side and can remember experiencing some trauma to their nose during adolescence (i.e. sports, accidents, etc.). As a result of this, ENT examination will often reveal a significant nasal septal deviation or fracture causing their nasal obstruction. Medication is often attempted for relief, however, surgical correction via a septoplasty is a very successful remedy with little downtime.

In select cases, patients suffering from acute nasal trauma (within the past few days) can undergo successful resetting of their fracture in the office, preventing the need for surgical repair.

If you feel you have sustained nasal trauma in the past and it is contributing to difficulty breathing, feel free to contact us for further assessment and treatment.

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