Nasal Polyps

Patients suffering from long term nasal congestion, sinus pressure and impaired smell may have nasal polyps. Nasal polyps are collections of edematous structures that result from underlying inflammation. They block airflow, transmission of smell and sinus drainage, contributing to significant debilitation for the affected patient.

Often patients suffering from these symptoms have tried multiple medications without success, and have decided to “live with” their symptoms. Most medications are not effective at treating nasal polyps because the volume of disease is so great, it is difficult for medication to penetrate. The most effective medical treatment for nasal polyposis is oral steroid therapy, however, this is not recommended for prolonged periods of time due to adverse side effects. The mainstay of treatment is surgical removal of the obstructing polyps followed by proper medication to prevent recurrence.










Proper ENT examination can result in accurate location of the polyp disease and allow for precise treatment. Furthermore, polyps can be biopsied to rule out anything more worrisome, such as a cancer.

If you feel you have symptoms similar to those discussed above, feel free to contact us for further assessment and treatment.

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