Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinus disease and nasal congestion affect millions of individuals. The underlying cause is usually a result of allergy or anatomic obstructions blocking nasal airflow or sinus drainage – resulting in post nasal drip, nasal congestion/obstruction, chronic sinus pressure, lack of smell. At GNO Snoring and Sinus we focus on both causes of sino-nasal disorders, providing a combined medical and surgical approach to effective treatment.

Case Studies

I used to suffer from chronic sinus pressure for years. Medications provided temporary relief and I took antibiotics multiple times per year. After undergoing a sinus procedure by Dr. Anand, I am nearly symptom free and no longer require the constant use of medications.


Initial Visit

Patients suffering from sinusitis typically express symptoms of sinus pressure/headache, altered smell, facial pain, dental pain and/or nasal congestion. Depending on the length of your symptoms, these are classified as either acute or chronic. At your initial visit a focused review of your symptoms, duration and medical history is carried out to arrive at a diagnosis.


In cases of chronic or recurrent sinus disease, nasal endoscopy is performed in the office to further characterize the anatomy of your nasal airway. In certain patients, a previously undiagnosed deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, large turbinates or other anatomic findings may contribute to your underlying issues. Furthermore, a CAT scan or X-ray of the sinuses may also be recommended to further characterize the anatomy of your sinus region and arrive at an accurate diagnosis.


After arriving at an accurate diagnosis based on your medical history and anatomic findings, medical or procedural treatment is discussed. For patients with acute sinus disease, medical therapy is optimized and tailored to your specific symptoms. For those patients for whom medical therapy has not provided sustained relief and who suffer from recurrent or chronic sinus infections, a discussion of both in-office and surgical treatment options is carried out.

Chronic Sinusitis FAQ


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