In-Office Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis

Clinical History: Pt presented with a history of right sided facial pain / headache.  Over the course of the past year she underwent treatment for migraine without relief.  Furthermore, medication aimed at treating nasal congestion and sinus pressure(steroid sprays, antihistamines) was also provided, in addition to antibiotic therapy.  Unfortunately, her right sided facial pain / headache persisted despite such efforts.  Seeking further options, the patient presented to GNO Snoring and Sinus.

Physical Exam: Clinical and physical exam revealed a component of pressure and discomfort overlying her right maxillary(cheek) and frontal sinus region.  There was also a component of right upper dental pain as well.    A nasal endoscopy was then performed revealing a normal left sinus drainage pathway, however, the right drainage pathway was noted to have significant swelling – preventing proper ventilation of the sinus cavities.  An in-office CT Sinus was then performed revealing total blockage of the right sided maxillary/ethmoid/frontal sinus, with mucosal thickening of the sphenoid sinus as well.(PreOP CT Scan).  This resulted in an accurate diagnosis of right sided chronic sinusitis as the cause of her facial pain / headache.

Treatment: The patient underwent in-office balloon sinuplasty of her right maxillary/frontal/sphenoid sinus.


Preop CT Scan: (2/17/2016)



Treatment: In Office Balloon Sinuplasty: (3/9/2016)
PostOp CT Scan: (4/6/2016)


Summary: Following the in-office sinus dilation, the patient noted a significant decrease in right sided facial pain/headache.  This is evident from the improved sinus drainage noted in the “after” picture, allowing her sinus passages to ventilate properly after in-office treatment.  There is noted residual sinus thickening at certain regions, and this is not uncommon after a sinus procedure, as the sinus cavities will continue to ventilate secretions over time as the inflammation continues to decrease.  With an accurate diagnosis, proper treatment is provided resulting in improved clinical symptoms.

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