The Problem

  • More than 36 million Americans suffer from a degree of hearing loss, making this the third most common health problem in the United States. Unfortunately most individuals suffering from hearing loss fail to receive appropriate hearing aid treatment due to the high cost of hearing aids. Hearing aids sold at retail can easily cost a patient upwards of $6000, and most vendors do not accept a patient’s insurance benefits – making the purchase of a hearing aid difficult for many patients.  

Our Solution

  • At GNO Snoring and Sinus we are committed to providing patients with premium hearing aid technology.  Our position as a medical practice with various insurance contracts allows us to apply a patient’s insurance coverage towards the price of hearing aids.  More often, Medicare Advantage plans are providing their beneficiaries with a stipend towards the price of hearing aids, thereby saving the patients hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  By appropriately determining and applying your insurance benefits towards hearing aid coverage, we are able to make the dream of improved hearing a reality.


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